June 27, 2021 – The Stars are back! After a long break due to the COVID pandemic, the team is making plans to get back in the pool this fall. We celebrated by getting together for a picnic on a perfect summer day — topped off with a special visit from the Kona Ice truck — the first time we’ve been together since the start of the pandemic.

Coach Becky and Coach Ann officially “passed the torch” to our new head coaches Tina Lowry and Mike Reed, and introduced a new assistant coach, Katie Murphy, who along with Coach Stan (and occasionally Coach Marion) will lead the team into its 21st year! Tina and Mike presented a beautiful custom crystal keepsake to Becky and Ann in appreciation for all they’ve done for the team since its start; and Coaches Stan, Tina and Mike received official Stars coaching clipboards, in appreciation of all their years of coaching the team! Enjoy the rest of your summer! WE’LL SEE YOU SOON!