We’ve often said that the Stars have the world’s best volunteers. Here’s more proof:

Ellie Nerheim, one of our  incredible peer coach volunteers, has a family member who lives in Kenosha, Wisconsin on a street that has become known as “Christmas Tree Lane” during the holidays. As you’d expect, everyone “decks the halls” of their homes, putting up huge holiday displays and countless twinkling lights. Visitors come from far and wide – as part of their holiday traditions.

With so many people in the holiday spirit driving past her uncle’s home, Ellie thought it would be a great idea to sell hot chocolate – and donate the proceeds to worthy charities.

On one weekend night, she and her family decided to raise money for the Stars Swim Club – and they raised over $1,000 for the team! THAT’S A LOT OF HOT CHOCOLATE! Thanks, Ellie, for representing and supporting our team so well! That’s what the holidays are all about!