The Knights of Columbus Tootsie Roll Fundraiser is scheduled for the weekend of September 15th to September 17th at the Libertyville Jewel location. This is the largest fundraiser for the Libertyville Stars and assists in funding discounted enrollment for our athletes! Come find those yellow vests, make your donation, and get your tootsie rolls!

For athletes wishing to have a discount on their 2023-2024 season, please reach out to Coach Tina to sign up for a time slot!

Friday 9/15Saturday 9/16Sunday 9/17
1 Peacock1 Rochlitz1 Harr
2 Walti2 Juiris2 Benson
1 Stith1 Overton1 Johns/Mueller
2 Piskule2 Cast2 Stauffer
1 Jennings1 Williams1 Harwood
2 Cerve2 Nippes2 Polek
1 Ulwelling/Daugherty1 Anderson
2 Madden2 Reininger
1 Burmeister1 Keranen
2 Burmeister2 Argueta