Each weekend, the Libertyville Stars are grateful for our peer coaches on deck. Over our winter break, three of our peer coaches went above and beyond for our club.

Ellie Nerheim’s uncle lives on Christmas Lane in Kenosha. This community regularly decorates for the holidays. During high school, Ellie would give out free hot chocolate and ask for donation for charities in return.

This year, Ellie, with help from from Michael Romero and Hailey Benoit were able to raise $2,000 from the generous donors that visited Christmas Lane this season. If you wonder why Ellie and team does this each year, simply put, she states, “we are so grateful for Stars and the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing family.”

Funds will be used to offset seasonal membership and meet dues so that athletes are able to participate in swimming without any limitations. Generosity like this is truly amazing and we are so thankful.